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Yhdyskuntajätevesidirektiivi konsultaatio/ European Commission

Public Consultation on the Evaluation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (91/271/EEC)

Yhdyskuntajätevesidirektiivi konsultaatio/ European Commission

Vesilaitosyhdistyksen vastaus pdf-tiedostona. Vesilaitosyhdistys vastasi konsultaation osaan III, joka oli suunnattu asiantuntijoille.

Introduction to this consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to understand the views of the public on waste water and how it is managed. The consultation is sub-divided into three parts.

  • Part I: The first part asks for some information about you (such as which country you come from).
  • Part II: The second part is addressed to the general public. You do not need any specialist knowledge on
  • the law or on waste water treatment to reply to this.
  • Part III: The third part is addressed to experts and contains more detailed and technical questions.

All of the responses to this consultation will be fully assessed and the overall results will be included in the analysis supporting the evaluation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive. We will also produce a stand-alone summary of the results of the consultation.

For more information about waste water management in Europe, please check out these websites:
The European Commission’s website about the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive: http://ec.europa. eu/environment/water/water-urbanwaste/index_en.html
The European Environment Agency’s interactive map where you can check out the situation in your country and individual waste water treatment plants: https://www.eea.europa.eu/themes/water/waterpollution/uwwtd/interactive-maps/urban-waste-water-treatment-maps
Links to various national sources of information: https://www.eea.europa.eu/themes/water/water-pollution /uwwtd/links-to-national-water-waste/links-to-national-water-waste


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