Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA)

Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA) is the co-operation and member association of the Finnish water and wastewater utilities, established in 1956. FIWA's membership includes about 300 Finnish water utilities which cover about 90 % of water services in Finland. In addition FIWA has about 150 collaborating members (companies, institutes, etc.).

FIWA's main purpose is to facilitate an enabling operational environment for its member utilities and support their functions. FIWA works to safeguard and promote the interests of its member utilities and to enhance their professional skills.

FIWA's mission and main functions

Trusteeship and lobbying

The government sets policy guidelines for water utility operations through legislation, regulations, financing and research activities. FIWA through its role as utilities' representative aims at influencing the government, in order to facilitate enabling policy, economic and operational environment for water utilities. FIWA also acts as the office for Water Services Pool, set by the  National Emergency Supply Agency. In developing and applying the EU regulations nationally, FIWA works actively in EurEau which is the European Federation of National Associations of Water Services.


FIWA produces for its member utilities' demand various guidelines and recommendations and various technical and administrative publications. FIWA maintains a utility benchmarking database, through which its member utilities can adopt and utilise relevant performance indicators in order to enhance their operations. Water Utilities Development Fund supports research and development projects which are relevant to develop utilities.

Training and education

FIWA enhances its member utilities' and their staff's professional skills through providing versatile training, water services specific courses and water services days. FIWA is the biggest provider of short-term training courses in the water services sector. FIWA organises national water services days annually in May-June and also regional water services days. Every second year FIWA organises the Infrastucture Technology (YT) -fair in co-operation with four other associations.

Member services

Member services offered to FIWA's member utilities include advisory and guidance services through telephone and email and through written statements. FIWA publishes its member newsletter once a month, member bulletins, and Vesitalous -magazine. In addition member utilities receive a free copy of almost all FIWA publications.

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